Author Guidelines

COUNSEDU | The International Journal of Counseling and Education invites articles concerned all aspects of the latest outstanding developments in the field of counseling in all Setting. Its scope counseling (school, mental healt, assessment, supervision in counseling,) Education  (teaching, development, instruction, educational projects and innovations, learning methodologies and new technologies in education and learning, asesment). Before all of you submit the manuscript, please read carefully and following the general information below:

  1. The manuscript was the result of your own works (original – straight away plagiarism); never been published in another journal, proceeding, newspaper, bulletin, and magazines. 
  2. The article article clear written on English.
  3. Manuscript file must be digital. We suggest for use software Microsoft Office (2010 or above) with extension document (.rtf, .doc, or .docx). -- hard copy submissions are not accepted. 
  4. Document format style: Manuscript type on A4 size paper, with page margins default setting top 2,54 cm, left 2,54 cm, bottom 2,54 cm, and right 2,54 cm; One Column; 1.15 for Line density; black color font, and; use only one space (not two), after each word periods. 
  5. The full length of submission manuscript not more than 6000 words, or maximum 16 pages; including references, table and figure (grayscale format). 
  6. Keep the format of your manuscript simple and clear with using available COUNSEDU Journal template -- do not try to “design” the document. If deemed necessary, we may set your manuscript according to our style. 
  7. Please use italic for regional language term
  8. References should follow the style detailed in the APA 6th Publication Manual. Make sure that all references mentioned in the text are listed in the reference section and vice versa and that the spelling of author names and years are consistent. Please to not be used footnote or endnote in any format. We suggest all of you using software MENDELEYZOTERO, or EASYBIB for easily citation. References should be the most recent and pertinent literature available (about 5-10 years ago). Authors must also carefully follow APA Publication Manual guidelines for nondiscriminatory language regarding gender, sexual orientation, racial and ethnic identity, disabilities, and age. In addition, the terms counseling, counselor, and client are preferred, rather than their many synonyms. 
  9. The article that came from Skripsi, Thesis or Dissertation have to go through the academic supervisor's (promotor) permission (permit letter required).